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A world of excellence in health services.

Expertises and international accreditation

HOPITAL AMERICAIN INTERNATIONAL® is a center of excellence with the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.

It brings together experts in various fields of medicine and surgery.

HOPITAL AMERICAIN INTERNATIONAL® is equipped with the latest techniques and technologies to international standards, supported by one of the most famous American institutions in the world of health.

Its JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation standards strengthen the quality and safety of its care, which allows the transfer of knowledge in this field to future generations.

Complete health care services

HOPITAL AMERICAIN INTERNATIONAL® provides nationally and internationally competitive integrated health services through its experienced staff and high technology in its centers for cancer treatment and nuclear medicine, cardiac care, fertility, organ transplantation, orthopedics, sports, robotic surgery, genetics and advanced stem cell treatments.

The HOPITAL AMERICAIN INTERNATIONAL® provides complementary services in all areas related to health care through subsidiary companies, for the development of hospital projects, the provision of mobile health services, the treatment of hygiene and catering of hospitals and on a large scale the training of nurses and health managers.

global standards center of excellence

The HOPITAL AMERICAIN INTERNATIONAL® will eventually provide compact services with centers of excellence and satellites in different cities of Morocco and West Africa that will meet global standards and specialized in oncology (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy), cardiac care (pediatric and adult cardiology and cardiac surgery), eye care.

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