Medical Residence For Detox And Convalescence

Patients will learn new and healthy lifestyle that will transform their lives and enrich their daily routines.

The medical residence

The medical residence is a place of Cure and Convalescence and consists of, 56 apartments, whose area covered from 120 to 150 m², they have a terrace-pool of 30 to 60 m², and 8 penthouses with a covered area of 240 m², they have a 30 m² pool terrace and are endowed with modern and innovative Moroccan architecture.
Access to a 125 meter infinity pool.

All apartments fully equipped for acute care (oxygen, medical equipment with the most advanced monitoring and procedural equipment).

The Detoxification Center

The Detoxification Center suites can also be used by patients for detoxification from alcohol and drugs, and all needed programs related to psychiatry and behavioral sciences are readily available to support patients and their families.

Weight management programs

They are also ideal as weight management units and will be fully supported by our physical conditioning and bariatric programs, as well as for the treatment of other metabolic conditions.