Orthopedic Rehabilitation Institute

First of its kind, the orthopedic and sports rehabilitation institute is equipped with vanguard robotic equipment. This center has rigorous protocols and precise follow-up for a slow rehabilitation, or rapid re-athleticization.

Orthopedic and sports rehabilitation

The orthopedic and sports rehabilitation institute allows a smooth rehabilitation after surgery of the musculoskeletal system due to osteoarthritis or after an operated or unoperated trauma. The center allows you to regain your flexibility and correct your bad habits acquired with age.

carefully prepared program

The recovery of deficiencies and locomotive functions is carried out efficiently thanks to a program carefully prepared by a team of specialists from all over the world.

This institute is equipped with several robotic rehabilitation and physiotherapy rooms as well as a leading-edge physiotherapy pool.

adapted and personalized treatment

Our sport and physiotherapy physicians as well as our physiotherapists will propose for each patient and for each athlete, an adapted and personalized treatment, respecting the wound healing process and the recovery objectives.

Our specialists in robotic rehabilitation medicine and acupuncture will offer a rehabilitation program to better withstand pain and make your stay a real step forward allowing you to get back to physical activity with maximum safety.