Cardio & Neuro Surgery Insitute

The quality of medical care is taken care of by health professionals who prioritize human relationships.

The Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery and Neurosurgery

The Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery and Neurosurgery of the L’HOPITAL AMERICAIN INTERNATIONAL® offers its patients an exceptional setting, a professionalism on a human scale broken with the latest techniques and technologies of treatment.

Our goal is to provide excellent care in the fields of cardiac, vascular and neurological pathologies and to promote teaching and research.

The complex services

This complex covers nearly 30,000 m2 and has 40 junior inpatient suites and 72 high-class convalescent suites.

The services of this complex are part of the heart-lung-vascular pole, with pulmonology, vascular surgery, vascular medicine, sports medicine and respiratory exploration.

This complex has:

  • Cardiac emergencies and chest pain,
  • Shocking, Intensive care and resuscitation,
  • Cardiology, Interventional cardiology,
  • Vascular medicine, Angiology, Thoracic surgery, Vascular surgery,
  • Pulmonology, Neurology and neurosurgery.
  • Functional explorations,

world-renowned specialists

This Institute brings together world-renowned specialists and international surgeons in cardio surgery, vascular surgery and neurosurgery, surrounded by qualified health professionals to carry out your check-ups, surgeries and health stays in the best conditions of care and follow-up.

It has 4 operating theatres class 4 iso5 individually equipped with microscopes, laparoscopies, articulated arms and the intuitive robot DA Vinci XI.

2 hybrid rooms of last generation, with the latest advanced technologies for cardiology and interventional neurosurgery.

Analysis laboratory, dialysis center, pharmacy, sterilization and various continuing education services, places of worship and stewardship.

1 radiology department of last generation, Scanner 768 Coupes, Mobile scanner, MRI 3 Tesla, PET scan 528 Coupes, Cyclotron, hybrid catheterization rooms, ultrasounds.