Radiology Center

The radiology department has the best, so that it has reliable, immediate and 3D X-rays.

best service and diagnosis

All devices are digitized and allow radios to be sent over the internet in telemedicine in order to have differential diagnoses according to the wishes of radiologists and to ensure the patient the best service and diagnosis.

The equipment is state-of-the-art

  • 3 Tesla MRI

  • 768 Slice CT Scan

  • 32 Slice Mobile CT Scan

  • PET SCAN 528 Slice

  • Bi-plane Angiography 5 axes

  • Bi-plane Angiography Mobile

  • Mono-plane Cardiac Angiography

  • Cardiac Ultrasounds

  • Cardiac Ultrasounds

  • Gyneco Ultrasounds

  • Color Doppler

  • C-Arm X-ray

  • Mobile Radiography

  • Panoramic X-ray

  • Digital Mammography

  • Bone Densitometer